Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rainy laidback Sunday

Its around 42* and rain is starting to edge in. Grey, overcast....its going to be a long sigh of a day, which is needed sometimes. Time needed to sit back and relax... no place in general to go, nothing that absolutely needs to be done kind of day....(in the background I hear the agitation of the washer, the hum of the dryer)...they are working behind the scenes. Yes, things do still need to be done. I am not sure how the day will unfold, there are things to be done for we will see. I am not much for letting a day slip through the cracks, and I am sure once I get moving around this day will be no different, but for now....I am in contemplation


femminismo said...

Your rainy laidback day sounded good to me. Yesterday was too crazy and long - but fun! Just tiring. So sorry to hear about your husband's shop. Glad you eye problems sound a bit resolved in the previous post. I'll have to check out the "pencil" site. Sounds interesting. Well, if we don't have children to mourn and remember us, the next best (or just as good) thing is friends and charities that benefit from our kindness and work! - Jeanne in Oregon (are you close at all to Lake Ann?)

winna said...

My first movie was The Wizard of Oz! Your writing is arresting and relatable----I hope this day has smiles for you--I grew up on the East Coast never realizing how many lakes etc there are out there----my son and his wife scuba there and love the clean sunken beauty-