Sunday, March 30, 2008

Maybe its a sign....

Maybe its a sign....maybe I don't need what I lost....maybe its a sign to downsize. Many have lost more...I am over it. When you think of it, its just *things*, things can be replaced. I have lately been trying to downsize, to rid myself of material things that just sit around and collect dust. I am not fanatical, don't get me wrong, but the mindless collecting, and buying to buy....sometimes we go so long without buying anything...that we just say, I have been good, I need to buy you? Is it something you need. Do you need it for survival? Most likely not. I have so many *pending projects* I would never have to buy another thing for years, I could draw, paint, crochet, carve, woodwork, solder, do clay work, mocacis...write....I have over the years collected many projects that at the time sparked my interest, my interest change with the wind...I am interested in so many things, that I can't settle on one...but I do have enough to keep me busy if I never buy another project...happiness consists not in having much,but in being content with little. It takes a little time to change a lifetime...but we don't have to buy into the commercialism, we don't have to keep up with the Jones', we don't need someone to tell us what we need. What we do need is to take a little time out and get in touch with ourselves in the quiet of our own souls....turn off the TV, turn off the computer....get outside, take a deep breath....and let your sense of smell, sight, taste and touch take over...get up....and do it all over tomorrow....take time to appreciate what you do have, not what you don't

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Vegas Vacation.....I know I am not alone, but I never realized until I got home and read the horror stories, and unresolved intances of lost luggage with US Airways....

Here is MY story:

My husband and I planned our 10 year wedding anniv. to Vegas in October 07, at the time my dad was sick and concequently passed away in Sept. 07 because of this we cancelled our vacation until March 08. Like the silly woman I am, I overpacked and bought new clothes. I just wanted everything fresh and new. I had two perscriptions also in the bag, and our traveling partners had one of the same meds, so I was able to borrow pills until I got home.

I had just sent two large garbage bags to goodwill, and I bought these new clothes for the trip, and to wear to work, with spring coming on. Clothes, swimsuit, (80* in Vegas, was looking forward to some pool time...after the long Michigan winter), make up, new Danny Gregory book, creative liscence...ALL LOST!..We called US Airways EVERY day, several times a day, as they told us to keep checking after each new flight came into Vegas from Detroit...still nothing.....I am home now, still no luggage. I filled out my forms, contacted the CEO, Vice President, Public Relations people of US Airlines...but again, I am not holding my breath, as I said I read as much as I could of the similar stories of lost luggage, with no resolution with US Airways. Thank god I packed my cameras and sketchbook with my carry on. The lesson I learned is this, take only what you can pack in a carry on bag!!!!! PERIOD. If anyone out there has any ideas of what more I can do please let me know....I almost feel like this is a criminal act that US Airways is running, go on line and read some of the stories and see if you don't agree. I never seen any money from US Airways. I went out and bought some basic tolletries and a shirt. I just refussed to go out and buy more clothes after spending so much for the trip in the first place. I was very upset the first day, but I kept hope up that the bag would be found and sent to my hotel room....We were only in Vegas 3 1/2 days, so I had to compose myself and put it behind me and enjoy myself inspite of it all....I will keep on bugging them until I get my bag back or the cash to replace the contents....
my ending comment..DO NOT FLY US AIRWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

A PLACE TO BARK...and meow

Please visit Bernie Berlins blog, and also scroll down on the right of my blog for other information about her wonderful cause.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

lesson in

*baby cameo* I don't think this was a bad first attempt, head may be a little forward. I am please with it, all things considered. What do you think...I am just beginning here, so all kinds of critique is welcomed....