Monday, December 29, 2008

The year is winding down...

Last thing I remember, it was June....Swoosh.......................Were did the time go, my dad always told me the older you get the faster time goes, he was right. Then a saying comes into my head; *don't count the days, make the days count*. It is true, when I am real productive and get alot done, be it work or fun, I find the day stretches out, filled right out to the corners. I go to bed happy that I did all I could, and fall to sleep with a good kind of tired. I am not perfect, and this isn't a scenario that I can practice consistently...cuz, sometimes I just want to sit and relax. Which has its own merits. It is only an observation, that the more I fit into a day the longer the day seems...I want my days to be stretched to the corners.
This weekend, I moved the treadmill into the bedroom, (it was there once before). Our house is small, so anywhere it would go would be in the way. It folds up, which is a good thing. It was in the garage, and it is too cold now to use it out there. If anyone had a video camera on me trying to get it into the house, it would have made a good you tube show. It was a challenge, but I did it. Most all of our snow is melted now, and just ice remained on our patio, which made is very slippery, and after a couple near falls, I threw some rugs down and got some good traction, and a couple heave hos I was able to slide it through the patio doors. All cleaned up and in its place. The electronics don't work on it, which is disappointing, so something happened with the move. So I wore my pedometer for cals, miles, steps...only thing I was missing was speed. I can guesstimate on where I set it. I walk 5 min, run 5 min. to start. for 30 min. Its a start. I have used it, once at night and once in the morning....I am not sure which I like better...(probably night)....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The First Day of Winter

Its cold...........real cold. Wind chills are -20*. I didn't want to leave the house today, but I had to. Tomorrow sounds like more of the same. It will be a White Christmas here in Michigan. I think the temps will be a little higher, which is nice. I couldn't imagine a Christmas where there was no snow, tho...which I really don't mind, because I used to ski, and snowmobile, and snowshoe, (In the U.P), now I will X-Country ski, if there is enough snow down here (Lower Peninsula). I do like the silent sports, getting back in the woods, gliding across the snow. Chickadees darting from tree to tree, keeping pace. So pristine, and clean. I think I need to invest in a new pair of boots, as I think they need to be upgraded...I have had them around 20 years, and I think last year the Squirrels decided to chew on them. I guess storing them in the garage wasn't such a good idea.

After today, three more days until Christmas...It is very hard to believe. Are you ready?

I am looking forward to the new year, and fresh starts...and the settling in for the long winter. I need to really focus on getting some of my *pending projects* done. I have enough to do, I would never have to leave the house.
The new winter schedual was just publish at the local museum, and I don't see any classes I am interested in this time around, which going out at night when it is so cold isn't too appealing anyway....I don't feel that bad about it.
So until next time...keep warm and safe, and enjoy the holidays!