Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Have a new camera!!

I took the plunge...I bought a new camera...Canon EOS Rebel XSI 450D. Lily's picture was taken with it. I have so much to learn. I hope to post more pictures in the days to come.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 12, 2008

Full swing of summer.....but officially not for over a week....High temps in the upper 80's, I know it could be worse. Michigan is humid, and it is HOT.....and muggy. We got our little swimming pool up, and it offers relief.
We have had a few storms blow through, some tornado watches but no warnings in our area. Some warnings north of us. We have a trap door to get into the basement. We have never had to seriously use it yet, I did once cram two dogs and four cats into the 6 x 6 bathroom.....durning a warning last year, until we all went crazy and I opened the door, and told everyone to fend for themselves....My husbands work had a lock down, mine advised us not to leave....but when I left it wasn't bad. Nothing happened that time, the storm passed with little damage. The year before we had a lot of trees down in the area, and I remember leaving work, (when they let us)...frantically driving home, seeing fallen trees all the way home, and turning down my road seeing a big tree uprooted in our yard and on our house. We were out power for four days, lost everything in the freezer and refrigerator. We went out and got a generator that storm. Haven't had to use it since, but we have it. We are lucky as I watch the news today, with all the tornado's and see those houses and lives can you comprehend all of that, how can you have a house today, and all of its contents, and then tomorrow have it all wiped away...everything do you even sort it all out in your head. I think to my self, and I have been trying to do this...downsize, have less. Less to lose, less to keep track off. Less to be attached too....I have too many things, too many that I can't (and don't) use them all. Sometimes it get overwhelming, what to do. When I am not at my job and have the free time...seems like it all gets taken up with housework, laundry, lawn do you decide in the down time what, out of all the projects, what to do.....There is so much I want to do....Its almost like I should set up a schedule and follow it, til things eventually get done...the unfinished afghan, the colored pencil kit, the soldered necklaces, the woodcarving, the wood burned gourds, the feltwork....I could go on and on.....several of these *crafts* are in various stages of completion....but I want to do them all....and then there is the Fair, have to pick up the tags the end of June....This year I plan to enter, well, I will get tags for 6 items....we will see how that goes....I will post pictures of what I entered.
I am planning, a quilted wallhanging, a painted rock, a gourd windchime, a welcome sign, and a photograph....I will get tags, doesn't matter if they get used or not....but you have to have them by the end of June...or you are out of luck....NO EXCEPTIONS.....