Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ella Sharp Park

Trellis's at Ella Sharp Park.
The is the entrance to Ella Sharp Park Museum of Art and History. This is where I am currently taking my watercolor and DSLR classes.

This is *Ella's house* at Ella Sharp Park.

This is a cabin at Ella Sharp Park. Our lesson this last week was Lines.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Here is a sampling of what I shot this morning at the farmers market. Under the catagory of *color*

A Touch of Frost

Work up this fine Saturday morning to frosty windows...and 35*. More than a chill in the air. To tell you the truth, to me it feels good. My plans today are to go down to the farmers market and get some pictures for my photography class...hoping there are a lot of bright colors....since that is one of our assignments. I am thinking pumpkins, squash, Indian corn, I may be lucky to find some late red tomatoes....we will see...
Fall colors are just starting, I was thinking a nice crimson maple against a cerulean blue sky would be a nice photo opt, if I can find the right setting..suppose to be a bright sunny day...I will post pictures of my ventures today...stay tuned.