Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tough Times

They haven't hit our family, but it is all around us. I am not trying to be pessimistic, but rather realistic...and prepared, because you never know. I am trying to live more simply, to question if I need something. Most of the time, I can do without or manufacture it out of what I have. In my grandparents day they didn't have nearly all the accomodations we have, not even indoor plumbing and they managed, with little, and I might add were very happy. I challenge myself to go one more day without going to the grocery store, and make a meal out of what I have on hand...and then I go one more day. I try not to leave the house on the is so cold now, that one is easy. We don't eat out, if we do it is rarely...we don't go to the movies. We drive to work, unfortunately. My work is a little further than I can walk in the winter time, or ride my bike. In the spring and summer I can start up again. Try for a few days a week. I don't eat out at work, and I take my snacks; apples, nuts, cheerios. I drink water out of the cooler. I am always looking for ways to make money, and the best way I have found is, to not spend it right now. *A penny saved IS a penny earned*. I know there are many more ways to cut; cable, phone, internet, ect...but we choose to cut other things first, knowing we can always cut deeper. I plan to keep putting money away...they say six months wages....this is a goal, as is my one credit card to pay off....when that is paid, IF I use it, it WILL be paid off the same month. Credit card companys aren't going to keep getting my money in interest anymore. I am going to increase my direct depost into savings accounts also...I find after awhile I manage on a smaller paycheck...and I don't concern myself with the growing saving accounts, I know they are there...but they are **hands off**. Pay yourself first, and adjust to the smaller paycheck, you can adapt.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Action Plan for 2009

How is your brand new year going...10 days into it? I hope all is well in your little corner of the world. I have yet to make any new years resolutions....or at least committed them to I will ramble through it now...These are things I would like to resolve to do this year. They don't appear in any specific order.

1. Be more organized
2. Finish what I start
3. Exercise; Starting at three days a week on the treadmill, for 1/2 hr 3.5-4.0MPH
4. Learning crochet
5. To eat less meat, more vegetarian
6. Get back to journaling
7. Get back to drawing
8. Lower cholesterol
9. Find more creative ways to get by, to save money
10. Consume less
11. Keep up on my blogs
12. Donate more

I did move the treadmill into the house, and have been using it, three days a week, mostly walking with intervals of running. I would eventually want to run on it consistently. I am learning to crochet with some beginner books; Teach Yourself Visually Crocheting, also picked up a learning to crochet starter kit with hooks. It keeps my hands busy at night. I know I will always want to sit down in the evening and watch *my shows*, so at least my hands with be busy and I will be doing something. I created the blog but durning the holidays I *fell off*, I plan to get back into that, and keep up to enter my daily eating plan. I thought I could make it through the holidays but I was weak. As far as saving money, one hint...don't leave the house. Period! Of course that is an easy one for me in the wintertime, especially when it is so cold. I am pretty well stocked with enough crafting supplies to keep me doing something everyday for a long time. Motivation, I am still working on.
Drawing; has always been something I want to do well, and I have for that, which I need to keep up with as well. All these blogs I made to *have the courage of my convictions* keep me honest. I find the Take One Day at a Time approach works well. To be in focus during that time to the task at hand and make that time the most important thing you have to do.