Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I spend too much time on that I feel I neglect this one. I wanted to separate the two, so that one could be all art related and this could be just rambling thoughts...
Well, within the last three weeks I was told I had narrow angle glaucoma, and have had laser surgery to help with that. I had a hole lasered into the top of each iris to create a new *drain*, to relieve the pressure in my eyes. After each surgery the pressure spiked to 50-60, which with the second eye I had extreme pain in my right gum below my eye and a headache located around the bone of that eye...I called after (thank god) I decided that this wasn't right and being a Friday, I better have it checked. They gave me a pill and two different drops. Apparently I was having an attack, which gone unchecked could have cost me my sight. My pressure is at 21 and I have a followup apt in two months, I am still taking one drop at night. It is of course a tier three drug, which my insurance does not recognize...and $115.00 a month.
No prospects on the job front for my husband yet...He is still working until the end of June, but the company has been terminating people before that time, so it is almost a day by day situation. They are trying to get **Hollywood**to come to Michigan, with the tax breaks, which would be fine, if it would create jobs. We had one movie filmed here in town, and even had kin, in it as an extra. So can't wait until that comes out.
It looks like a beautiful Easter Sunday morning....a little frosty out there, but promises to get into the mid 50's today.....go out and enjoy your day...

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